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Welcome to the Turkey Lacrosse Association

The Turkey Lacrosse Association (TLA) is founded to educate, develop and disseminate information about the sport of lacrosse in the Republic of Turkey; to promote Turkey Lacrosse to the world and Turkey throughout the Turkish general population through informational promotions and games. Furthermore, the Turkey Lacrosse Association will provide financial support for participation in world championships for men and women of Turkish descent from around the world and in Turkey. The TLA is responsible for all leagues and teams playing lacrosse within Turkey while maintaining the purity of the game as was intended by the originators of the sport, the North American Indians.

The TLA is sustained by the efforts of volunteers who display an extraordinary amount of commitment and hard work, ensuring that lacrosse is a growing and thriving sport for all to enjoy. TLA strives to provide a service to the community by providing a healthy outlet for children and opportunities for the community to unite.

Please feel free to email us: admin@turkeylacrosse.com  or leave us a message in our Guestbook.


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    Upcoming events

    • Apr
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    Ankara Knights Lacrosse Training
    • 3:30pm- 5:00pm (EEST) Ical_event_icon
    • Bagat Field, Ankara, Istanbul
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